Emanating from the heart of America, bringing together the states of Indiana and Kentucky, The Whiskey Riders are bringing a style of music that has the feel of driving down country back roads, fishing, camping, drinking, and nights by the campfire. Uniting Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, and Metal into songs that sing about Love, Loss, Disenfranchisement, Overcoming and Dancing with the Devil, The Whiskey Riders pride themselves on their music and DIY attitude. They pride themselves on self-producing their own albums, music videos, websites and merchandise, and always keep a high standard with their work.  With a very diverse group of members, The Whiskey Riders combines all of our personal trials, tribulations, and styles to create music that is from the soul, from the heart, and for the ears. Over 30 years of combined musical experience within the group only adds to the madness. The live show is fierce, passionate, calm, and collected. The music purrs like a kitten, and roars like a lion.


Jonny Whitewolf – Vocals, guitar, banjo
Johnny Blaze – Vocals, guitar, banjo, piano
G Kelly – Drums


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